For 7 years, LLC TPK KAVITA has been successfully engaged in wholesale sales throughout Russia and abroad
Currently, our products are successfully exported to Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Estonia, Poland, India, Georgia and many other countries. And this is not the limit! Every year, an increasing number of customers trust us and our products, opening up new cities and countries for us.

During this time, we have managed to establish ourselves to all our partners as a reliable supplier combining high quality products, exclusivity and loyal prices.
Our innovative scientific and technical developments, our own production and our own quality control laboratory allow us to control every stage of the manufacture of unique Cavita products, as well as guarantee their effectiveness and safety.

We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with any retail and wholesale companies. Based on our knowledge and experience, we will help you find the right solution and choose the most favorable conditions that are ideal for your business
Why should you choose us?
We are the ONLY ones who produce environmentally friendly products through innovative "green" technology for processing natural raw materials
We will help you with all the difficulties and questions you have non-stop
Minimum conditions for starting
We will provide a ready-made package with everything you need for a successful and quick start
Minimal risks
We are responsible for our product, its eco-friendly production and unique properties, and will provide all necessary supporting certificates
Each manager is a professional in the sales of natural cosmetics and beverages
We treat each of our clients, retail or wholesale, with deep respect and warmth, and therefore we are ready to answer any non-standard question or come to the rescue in any non-standard situation. We always consider each case individually
What are the other advantages?
Personal Manager

He will help with all questions, track the order history, tell you about new products and be sure to signal discounts!
Convenient delivery

We cooperate with transport companies, have our own logistics, which allows you to choose convenient delivery terms to you.
Distribution area

We work with the whole of Russia, the countries of the near and far abroad!
Individual terms of cooperation

We are always open to dialogue and will find the best solution, taking into account your wishes.