LLC TPK KAVITA is a dynamically developing company that has managed to declare itself as an innovator in the production of organic agricultural products, health-improving beverages and cosmeceuticals.

A key factor in the company's success is conducting scientific research aimed at developing new types of biologically active products based on natural raw materials, improving the schemes of its production and application.
Company's strategy
The company's strategy is to provide consumers with high–quality and maximally effective products created on the basis of natural raw materials that contribute to human wellness.

The production process is based on unique scientific developments along with traditional knowledge about the benefits of plants and minerals.
Innovative technologies, adherence to the laws of nature and ecology, and careful care of human health are the three main principles on which our activities are based.
Areas of activity
Development, improvement and implementation of in-house production technology for ultrasonic cavitation treatment of various objects, including allowing the dispersion of objects to nanoscale particles.
Complex processing of natural raw materials and waste
Implementation of cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly solutions in the complex processing of natural raw materials and waste using cavitation technologies.
Geography of presence
LLC TPK KAVITA is a large-scale manufacturer of environmentally safe multifunctional humic preparation CAVITA BIOCOMPLEX for crop production. Since the founding of the company, international activities have been actively carried out with the aim of introducing the organic fertilizer "CAVITA BIOCOMPLEX" in various countries.